Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Eggs and Bunny Ears

It's Wednesday and the kid's still have not 
finished eating their Easter basket candy yet.  
The hollow chocolate Easter bunnies are down 
to just their feet.  
(Ears are ALWAYS first!)
We spent Easter back in Ohio.  
It's always good to see all the grandparents, cousins, 
and extended family. 
We've been counting down the days to go to Ohio for the last couple weeks. 
I don't know if it was anticipation of seeing family or 
the guarantee of candy on Easter morning! 
I am glad we didn't color Easter eggs before we got there, 
because both Grandma Pam and Grandma Judy had that planned. 
The weather was absolutely wonderful. 
We even colored eggs outside at Grandma Pam's.

{Will, Bubba and Faith}

Everyone was excited for the Easter Bunny! 

Of course, Easter is not complete without Easter Egg hunts. 
Rosie was so excited to graduate to hiding the eggs this year.  
She does need some guidance for next year.  Mommy 
had to go digging in the thorny Barberry bushes to get a few that she "threw" in there.
{Grandma Judy and the grandkids -- minus 2} 
{birdwatching with Uncle Neil}
On Sunday morning, the kids were not disappointed with the Easter Bunny. 
Lil Miss couldn't wait to dive into her chocolate bunny! 

In our Easter Best! 
When we took Grandma Judy's annual Easter Picture with the kids 
she ended up with a halo on her head.  I love this picture, even if the lighting is bad. 

We enjoyed the Easter weekend.  
Time with family and friends. 
Remembering that Jesus died so we may be saved. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Clap along if you feel Happiness is the truth

I have got the song "Happy" in my head. 
It is such a catchy tune!
We listen to it in the morning before while we are getting ready for school
and it puts a big old smile on our faces. 
Let's get Happy! 
These kids make me happy! 
{ Gigi }

{ Rosie }

{ My girls}
{ Lil Miss and her Vogue Poses}

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I'm happy

{ Bubba }

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A glimpse of spring to come

Oh, it is in the 20s this morning. 
I just let the dogs out and I need to put on another layer.  
Just a couple days ago, the kids were running around in shorts 
asking when they can go swimming.  
Mother Nature is a trickster. 

I am reliving the last week today and the warm sunny weather 
that I so desperately want back! 
We made our inaugural visit to the zoo last week. 
Not all the animals were out, but we got to feed the ducks, see the giraffes, 
hear the lions roar, and see some very rambunctious monkeys. 
My favorite animal, the giraffe, is so amazing to watch! 

Lil Miss' favorite part of the zoo is the train. 
Choo- Choo
Sidewalk chalk season has started.  
Our driveway is a burst of color in little random drawings.  
The kids have already put my talents to the test with 
their chalk requests. 
"Mom, make Rupunzel!"
Mom, draw a zoo with monkeys"
Mom, draw a castle."
The kid's also get room to draw. 
Gigi put her solar system knowledge to the test 
and drew the sun and all the planets in order. 
Nothing is more fun than exploring more of the city 
we live in with the kids.  
{Band pavillion}
The grand opening for the Science Center at the Putnam 
Museum was this past weekend, so we spent a couple hours 

We all enjoy sunglass weather.
And don't forget cookouts with friends! 
Spring also brings Easter and Easter Egg hunts.  
We did our part and participated in our church's egg hunt this Sunday. 
There were alot of eggs, and alot of kids so it was more of a speed egg retrieval 
than a egg "hunt".  
We will get more egg hunts in this weekend with both sides of the family. 
Spring will return and we will finally see our tulips bloom, 
and open up our windows and doors once again. 
For now I just have to hold off Nate a couple more 
nights, so he doesn't get the electric blanket out ad put it on the bed again. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Messy House

Spring Break

We didn't fly to a far away location or sink our feet into a sandy beach. 
We did have fun, right at home. 
For three days, we had fun in Ohio with the cousins and grandparents. 

Then we came home and tried to have something fun and exciting everyday. 
Exciting is relative.  
One day "special' was the movie Frozen on our doorstep and grasshoppers to drink.  Non-alcoholic of course.  

We tried to go swimming on Wednesday, but of course 20 minutes after being there a baby's diaper had leaked in the pool and we were kicked out of the pool for cleaning.  We have really bad timing.  

Happiness is all about expectation.  When mommy acts all excited about picnic lunches in the living room, going to the park, and slumber parties in Mom and Dad's room, then everyone is excited.  Well, maybe not Dad, but the kids are excited.  

If a messy house is a sign of having a good time (and not that mommy is a bad housekeeper) then we had loads of fun over spring break.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting Ready for Baby

Here's the baby bump pictures I promised. 
Seriously Ann Rea is a poster mommy for pregnancy. 
Beautiful and full of pregnancy glow at 8 months.  
Can I also say that this woman just started her own optometry practice a month ago.  
Yes, starts her own practice and has a baby within months time.  

At this point in my pregnancy with Lil Miss I was 
wearing stretch pants and Nate's baggy sweatshirts.  
Seriously Adorable!  

So happy to take pictures of these two amazing people and their soon to be addition.  
This little boy or girl is going to be blessed in the parent department.  
I'm crossing my fingers for a girl.